Are the buildings taller than the recently completed ‘Dumont’ residential development?

No, our proposals step down from The Dumont building (97.85m AOD*). Our emerging scheme proposes the North Tower is 91.48m AOD (only 1.48m overall increase in height compared to the 2020 consented scheme), stepping down to the South Tower starting at 82.96m AOD and finishing with the podium at 23.52m AOD.

The proposals are in keeping with the other buildings along Albert Embankment. In determining the height of the proposals, a number of factors were taken into consideration including the height of neighbouring buildings, protecting strategic views across London and ensuring the proposals are commercially viable.

Other recent residential developments along Albert Embankment such as ‘The Corniche’ (89.79m), and ‘Merano’ (89.28m) characterise the skyline and have been designed as elegant towers – which our proposed scheme seeks to continue.

*AOD = Above Ordnance Datum is the basis for the national height system in Britain